The Premier Lacrosse League and Major League Lacrosse Have Merged

Written by tRy25

They said it couldn’t be done. Paul Rabil had a dream to push professional lacrosse forward to heights the MLL couldn’t reach, and the MLL spit it his face every step of the way. Well, who’s laughing now?

There will now be one professional outdoor lacrosse league and it will be run under Paul Rabil’s PLL. The only team carrying over from the MLL are the Boston Cannons and they will now be operating under the Cannons Lacrosse Club.

Lacrosse fans should be ecstatic hearing this news. The PLL has been a far superior product to the MLL since its creation. The field is smaller and allows for a more entertaining brand of lacrosse focused on speed and transition. The players wear mic’s in their helmets so broadcasters can do in game interviews or simply listen in on the action from field level. The players have made a serious effort to gain interest in the league via their social media. The MLL, on the other hand, is the same product it was in 2000. Something had to give.

So congrats to brothers Paul and Mike Rabil. They’ve managed to take a sport stuck in the background the last 20 years and bring afresh, entertaining product to NBC and take over the MLL in just 2 seasons of play. We should all be excited to see where this league goes moving forward.

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