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The Phillies Should Not Have Put Message On Scoreboard For The Braves

Written by Tony Ghaul

The Atlanta Braves clinched their sixth consecutive NL East title by defeating the Philadelphia Phillies 4-1 last night at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies flashed a message on their scoreboard that said, “Congratulations Atlanta Braves 2023 NL East Champions,” as Braves players and coaches celebrated.

While the celebration took place on the field, fans in attendance rained down boos on the Braves. Which is the right of the fans. They paid good money to attend the game.

The Braves are great team and organization and have every right to celebrate on the field, they earned it. But, I do not agree with the message on the scoreboard. Do not congratulate them. Their your rivals. Your chief competition.

The Braves have 96 wins and a 17 game lead on the Phillies. The just won three of four over them. They are good, but they are also cocky and arrogant. Which is fine. You can be that way, but you don’t have to honor them with a congratulations message.

The Phillies defeated the Braves 3-1 in the playoffs last season. If they get a chance to face them in the postseason again this year, hopefully they send them home again.

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