Philadelphia Phillies players, management and even opposing players are saying that the clock at Citizens Bank Park is fast.

The Athletic reported on Friday that data showed exactly that . The Phillies pitch clock at Citizens Bank Park appeared to be faster than everyone else’s pitch clock through the first two months of the season.

Despite having played eight more games on the road than at home thus far, the Phillies have been hit with 14 timer violations at their ballpark against only five away from Philadelphia. According to Gelb’s report, there were 25 violations in the first 26 games at Citizens Bank Park.

“I pitched in Cincinnati and I felt like I could catch the ball and turn around and then (the clock) would start,” Phillies pitcher Matt Strahm said, as per Gelb. “When I got home and threw that next start, I threw fewer pitches but was way more winded by the third inning. I was like, ‘What the heck is going on?’ As soon as I catch the ball and by the time I look at the pitch clock, it’s somehow at 13 seconds.”

Phillies starting pitcher Aaron Nola had a dominant 12-strikeout effort against the Detroit Tigers on Monday at home, where he had a no-hitter into the seventh inning. Nola let reporters in on the pitch clock “conspiracy theory” that was gaining a following.

“I think the pitch clock was a little too fast, though. It seems to be that way when we get back home,” Nola said.

“It just seems a lot faster, you know?” fellow starter Taijuan Walker added. “You just got the ball and you look up and there’s only 10 seconds left.”

STATS Perform that there is nearly one pitch clock violation per game at Citizens Bank Park so far this season. Next is Chase Field and loanDepot Park, but they’re closer to .75 per game.

Pitch timer operators rotate throughout MLB’s 30 parks. Theoretically, there would be a small margin of error.

What’s strange, is that the quick clock isn’t impacting the Phillies at home. Going into Friday’s action they were 17-10 at home and 13-22 on the road.

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