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The Philadelphia Eagles have fired Head Coach Doug Pederson.

The Philadelphia Eagles have just dropped a bombshell and it likely will have an affect on the coaching carousel that is currently going on in the NFL.

Doug Pederson, even after winning the franchises’ only Super Bowl has been told his services will no longer be required at One NovaCare Way
Philadelphia, PA 19145.

That is shocking considering the team erected a statue of him just a little over two years ago. Now the team is looking for a new direction and I am not sure the Eagles will get equal value.

My initial reaction is Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy who currently works for a former Eagles coach could take the job or will this spur more changes like the status of Matt Nagy in Chicago.

If the Bears are interested in Pederson, will it force the Bears to make a change also? This domino could have a massive effect but I fully expect him to land his top coaching choice which could give other clubs an opportunity to fill their vacancy with a candidate they might not have thought was possible.

I successfully predicted all of the obvious head coaching firings back in October except for a surprise candidate in Mike Zimmer. Turns out I wasn’t aiming high enough with this recent news.

The Focus will now shift to who will the team want to bring in and what is their opinion about quarterback Carson Wentz.

Thank you Philadelphia for muddying the waters on this already difficult coaching search.

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