Per Prosportsextra we stand firmly against the Per TMZ trend. It was funny for about a day but now the joke has gone on for about a week too long.

It all started with ‘Per TMZ (insert someone) is dating Margot Robbie. It then morphed into everyone is dating Margot Robbie and it has just continued to morph and morph into more people are either married to her or dating her in some way.

I do not think it was ever funny besides when someone was trolling on Frank the Tank from Barstool Sports and they trolled him with “Per TMZ Mets player Darrin Ruff is dating Margot Robbie” and Frank actually believed it.

That was the only occasion I don’t even know if TMZ themselves released if Margot Robbie was dating someone and that is how this dumb trend started. Either way it now overused and not even funny in the slightest.


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