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The Pats Still Own The Jets

Written by Scal

A tradition in my life as a Patriots fan is two Sundays a year I get to just enjoy kicking the shit out of the Jets. But many thought things may change. Zach Wilson was supposed to be really good. Would the Pats organization be able to bounce back after a bad season. Well, questions are answered. The Jets still gotta call the Patriots their daddy.

Zach Wilson has thrown 4 picks. And all of them are his fault. Like just god awful reads and throws. They have 3 point as I type thing. Things may never change. On the flip, Mac Jones looks like the most Patriots QB ever. He’s certainly not doing anything crazy, but he’s so consistent. No mistakes, just playing football.

So enjoy Jets fans. Just when you think the nightmare might be over, a new one begins. Time is a flat circle, the Jets will always be bad, and the Pats will always be good.

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