The New England Patriots are a complete mess. They are a dumpster fire. The Evil Empire is over and the Death Star has exploded.

The smug New England Patriots were the gold standard of the NFL for over twenty seasons, but it’s over. The have a 2-9 record on the season and house is crumbling down.

Their legendary Head Coach Bill Belichick has lost the locker room. His message is falling on deaf ears.

The roster is bad and devoid of talent, but that is Belichick’s fault. His fingeprints are all over this team. He’s picked the players. He drafted the wrong QB.

Per NESN, during yesterday’s game, a sideline argument broke out during the first half of the Patriots loss to the New York Giants.

Patriots wide receivers coach Troy Brown reportedly got into a heated argument with WR JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Smith-Schuster was brought in to be a No. 1 target for QB Mac Jones. He hasn’t panned out, and neither has Jones.

Belichick is a great Coach and will someday be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but the truth of the matter is that having Tom Brady at QB hid several inefficiencies with the Patriots for over a decade.

The Patriots are a bad football team and it will take more than one offseason to fix it. Owner Robert Kraft is not happy and it looks like he and Belichick will part ways after the season.

No tears will be shed around the NFL. The Patriots were highly successful and very smug. They also have been accused and fined by the NFL for cheating.

To sum it up the Patriot Way is over.

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