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The Party Of The Summer: Country USA Festival In Oshkosh, WI Adds Second Stage! Along With Multiple Other Upgrades Along With Announcing Lineup And 72 Hour Sale. @OfficialCUSA

Written by TrevStone

The Country USA music festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin tends to be the best place to party and listen to Country Music towards the end of June and this summer will be the exact same!

This year will actually be a little special seeing this is year 25. 25 years of partying and jamming to Country Music! Obviously this makes this years event special. But that’s not the only thing that makes it special because the  lineup this year is badass and along with the new additions it’ll be the party of the summer!

June 25-27 is the date for the event. 

Lineup Announced











Pretty awesome lineup from bottom to top! Can’t lie very excited to see Cole Swindell for the fourth time. Russell Dickerson will be my third time seeing him as I’ll be going to a concert of his in a couple of months also. He’s electric in concert!

Second Stage 

Yup! You read that correctly. The best decision possible. The breaks after performances at Country USA sucked, I’ll say it because it’s true. The breaks were way, way, way too long. But… It gave you enough time to run to the campsite and shotgun a couple beers and come back. 

Thankfully those breaks will be gone! Obviously you’re still welcome to go back to your campsite and drink or buy drinks from all the vendors. 

Now you’ll be able to jump over to the second stage to hear more performances by up and coming artists! And honestly I shouldn’t say up and coming because majority of these artists have popular songs and have made a splash in Country Music.

On the second stage… I’m a fan of Jordan Rager, Tyler Rich, and Blanco Brown! I’ll enjoy the new addition. 

72 Hour Sale

You’ll want to have your money ready for this sale!


NEW All Weekend Parking and 25 Year Celebration Giveaway


And guess what?

Once again I’ll be there! I’ve been there for about five years in a row. But not only me, we’re planning on having majority of the PSE crew flying out to party!


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