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The Packers are Acting like a Bunch of Kardashian’s and Drafting a Fullback is the Only Way to Fix That

Written by Tanner Johnson

I’m going to be blunt- lately, any news regarding the Packers has been embarrassing. We have former players spouting off about our franchise Quarterback. There are rumors about our previous Head Coach getting massages at inappropriate times. (No, not with Robert Kraft)

I’m sick of turning on the TV or looking at my phone and seeing the Packers name as much as the Kardashian’s. The best teams stay out of the news for petty garbage like this, and clearly, we’re not one of the best teams right now.

It’s time for an attitude adjustment. The Packers need to pull a page out of Happy Gilmore’s playbook and find a way to toughen the hell up before the next season by any means necessary.

What better way to instantly get tougher than by drafting a fullback?

We need a hard-nosed, bruising, fullback who thrives in the trenches. We need a fullback that can handle the rock in his hands. We need Badgers alum and Green Bay native, Alec Ingold. (6’1, 242 lbs 4.89 40-yard dash)

Ingold was a household name at Wisconsin and once he made the switch from Linebacker to Fullback, he became an impact player immediately, paving the way for Corey Clement and Jonathan Taylor who put up MONSTER numbers.

Not only did running backs succeed running behind Ingold, but he also ran for 17 touchdowns at Wisconsin and caught 4 more. And for all the Aaron Ripkowski haters out there, Ingold has 0 career fumbles.

Did any of my fellow Packer fans think something was missing last year? I know I sure did. McCarthy ditched the fullback position entirely and the offense just seemed off the whole year. New Head Coach Matt LaFleur has to get Aaron Rodgers comfortable and fullback is where he should start.

This isn’t a new concept, Aaron Rodgers has been utilizing fullbacks since the beginning. His first NFL completion was to a fullback, Vonta Leach. His first touchdown pass as a starter was to a fullback, Korey Hall.

And most importantly, John Kuhn garnered such respect from Aaron Rodgers that upon Kuhn’s retirement this year, Rodgers had this to say, “No one ever knew the offense like you, or corrected me more. You’re hall of fame in my book.”

If the Packers are going to ditch this diva mantra that’s seemingly now attached to them, they’ve got to make some moves to change the culture of this team, and drafting Alec Ingold would be a great step in the right direction.

It’s time for us to stop wasting the years we have left of Aaron Rodgers and put all of our chips on the table. Aaron Jones deserves a fullback to open things up for him and the Packers have needed a goal-line rushing threat since John Kuhn wore the Green and Gold.

The Packers are in a position where they have to gamble, and Alec Ingold is a sure bet we could easily pick up in the later rounds. I already told Gutekunst how to handle the first round, now I’m showing him how to end the reality show they’ve got going in Titletown.

What do you think? Make Green Bay tough again OR do we let the reality show keep going for a second season?

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