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The Overwatch Summer Games Are Officially Underway Again

Want a reason to celebrate Overwatch with your friends over the summer? Relax, they’ve got the Summer Games for that.

The official summer event for the hit Blizzard game is back underway once again, taking place now through August 5th. During that time, avid players have the opportunity to earn a number of new skins, along with bonus emotes, highlight intros and other collectible items that are related to summertime. They’re limited edition items, and once the event is over, they’re gone! You can also grab a few items for sale from last year’s event as well.

There are some additional challenges that are open over the next three weeks as well. The first week’s challenge is already here, running now through July 22. All you need to do is win nine games. As you win each cluster of three games, you’ll earn a new special prize, like a USA-themed Reaper skin.

Then there’s Week 2, which kicks off on July 23 and runs through the 29th. With this, you can get a black, red and gold Zhongguo Mei, among other goodies.

Last but not least, the final week, running July 30 through August 5, will give you more items, including a Reinhardt epic skin that shouldn’t be missed.

The event is free for all those that own the game, and an update should already be applied the next time you start the game up. So what are you waiting for? Jump in and join the Games now!

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC

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