It is that time of year again. The beginning of the over-hyping of the most overrated team in all of sports that is the Dallas Cowboys. The national media and the Cowboys fans overate this team every year.

We all know that they have five Super Bowl titles to their name, but they are nothing short of a overrated and over-hyped franchise since their last title in 1995. I mean the last time they won, acid washed jeans were in style, men wore mullets and VCR’s were popular. They have not even played in a Conference Championship game in 27 years.

They have a egotistical owner in Jerry Jones, who enjoys playing the puppet master to his lame duck coaches. They are a franchise, who gave themselves their own nickname “America’s Team”. They are a pompous and arrogant franchise and their fan base has the same traits.

The Cowboys fan base always overate their players. QB Tony Romo was a good player. He was not great. Romo was no Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Now they believe that current starting QB is as good as Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, but he is more along the lines of a Derek Carr or Kirk Cousins. Ezekiel Elliott is supposed to be a elite RB, but has been more of disappointment. He was exceptional in his first few seasons, but has been nothing but a average player since. He also, has the worst contract in football. Micah Parsons is a really good player, with a chance to be great. He had a phenomenal rookie year, but as usual the fans go overboard. They call him the next Lawrence Taylor. He has only played one season. He is not at the level of a All Time great.

The Dallas Cowboys finished 12-5 last season, but like they always do, they folded in the postseason. They had a home playoff game and were dominated for most of the game. In typical Cowboys fashion, the head coach and QB blame the refs. Their fans and the national media can continue to wish upon the star on that helmet, and we will sit back with our drink and box of popcorn, while enjoying the clown show.

photo courtsey of the Washington Post


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