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The NWHL is Not Happy with Erika Nardini Because…She Supports the NWHL? | @EKANardini

Written by tRy25

Quite an interesting story here. Out of the blue the NWHL and writers who cover the league are coming after Barstool CEO and avid NWHL supporter Erika Nardi for seemingly no reason at all.

In response, Erika tweeted this video

Now there’s a wild accusation. White supremacy isn’t exactly a term you just throw around, especially when there’s zero evidence to back up such statement.

We also got the token, recycled hit piece targeted at Barstool for the thousandth time with the same 6 references. No Barstool “controversy” would be complete without one of these click bait pieces

It’s insane that a league, and a sport as a whole, STARVING for exposure and eyeballs on their product would dismiss maybe their biggest ally. Erika has given the NWHL tons of free promotion and they’ve decided to spot in her face as a thank you. This is especially shocking when you consider what Barstool has done for another small sport, lacrosse, specifically the Premier Lacrosse League. Barstools exposure and promotion has helped the sport enjoy their most successful season and even lead to the PLL to merge (really take over) the long established Major League Lacrosse. Personally, I’d want the backing of a company trying to help grow my league, but to each their own.

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