The Nude Queen: Pioneer, Rebel, Controversial.

Written by EricLyonsTV

We’re currently in the age of Onlyfans where anyone can be a star but who was the first? No it wasn’t Soulja Boy it was a young woman by the name of Reyna. After having a her nude exposed at the age of 18 she turned the embarrassment into a movement and became proud to flaunt her body. She was body positive before it was cool. She’s one of the most entertaining follows on Twitter, her stories of her sexual experiences drive the TL nuts. One of the biggest stories from her came a few years back when she exposed former Maryland Basketball player Diamond Stone for being absolutely trash in the bedroom.

Diamond Stone getting the boot.

Reyna is known for her high body count as she goes by 54 Savage. The number grows when she adds another notch to her belt, I’m not mad at her she’s playing the game and clearly winning it. The bottom line is this woman is fire, face, body and personality. The full package. A fan of anime, comics, video games, and WWE? I mean fellas if you’re looking for the perfect woman I might have described her to you. If you don’t follow her on Twitter or Snapchat do that immediately!

Reyna also is down for the cause. She paraded around UMD’s campus almost in her birthday in protest of Donald Trump’s remarks during the 2016 election.

Reyna has her own way of making bank. She doesn’t do onlyfans but if you follow her she’ll tell you how you can see more of her. So save up your bucks and go be blessed by the Queen of Nudes herself!

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