‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor Trolls Dustin Poirier on Twitter

Written by Incognito

UFC superstar and former two-weight division champion, Conor McGregor, is back at it again trolling his arch nemesis, Dustin Poirier, on Twitter. He posted a photo from their first fight depicting his TKO over Poirier. McGregor famously lost the trilogy fight to Poirier via doctor stoppage after snapping his leg in half at UFC 264.

Per usual, McGregor tweeted a video of Poirier talking about an incident involving his wife. McGregor has previously targeted Poirier’s wife and has alleged she DM’d him. Not to be outdone, Poirier responded to said tweets with his own snarky response. Grab the screenshots while you can as McGregor is ‘notorious’ (pun intended), for tweeting and deleting.

The beef with these two is never-ending and if McGregor is trying to sell us a fourth fight, he’s doing a great job staying in the headlines. There’s one thing about McGregor that you can count on, he’s a marketing machine and knows how to sell fights; he won’t stay quiet and fade into obscurity. UFC president, Dana White, has already confirmed a fourth bout between the two rivals is inevitable, whenever McGregor’s leg is healed.

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