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The No Fun League Has Suspended Falcons WR Calvin Ridley For 2022 Season For Gambling On Games While On Leave Of Absence

Written by Tyler Walerius

Falcons Wide Receiver Calvin Ridley has been suspended for an entire season for gambling on NFL games while being out due to mental health issues.

Ridley played 5 games last season for the Falcons before taking a leave of absence for the rest of the season due to mental health issues, which may or may not have been due to gambling issues.

More information is sure to come out, but this is a wild story and pretty sad for an up and coming star player like Calvin Ridley. I’m not sure why gambling on a couple over/unders while you are not even with an NFL team warrants this huge suspension, but again, I’m sure more details will come soon.

Maybe Calvin Ridley stepped away for the season last year to gamble on games? Who knows, someone get Ridley’s bet slips please! Was he throwing in some crazy Same Game Parlays, or just betting spreads? How do you even get caught, did he not think to have a friend just place the bets for him? I have a lot of questions that need answered here.

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