The Washington Football team and owner Dan Snyder are back in the news once again for reasons other than football.

The Washington Post now claims that back in 2008, a team executive instructed employees to create video clips of partially nude cheerleaders from a swimsuit calendar shoot.

Brad Baker who worked for former team broadcaster Larry Michael, interviewed with the post and explained to them how Snyder asked employees to make this video. Allegations that the team and some employees that were said to be involved have denied the allegations.

If there was a video made, I for one am not surprised. Owner Dan Snyder and some of those involved have already come out and said that they are not aware of any video or have no knowledge that any video was ever made.

If someone is dragging my name through the mud, I am going to emphatically deny any and all allegations and I am going after the source and throw everything I have to clear my name.

The fact that most replies to these allegations have the generic response of ” I have no knowledge” makes me to believe that they are not being truthful. I could be wrong but multiple complaints of sexual misconduct have me thinking that there was a mischievous group of individuals running the Washington organization with the ringleader possibly being the owner.

I have voiced my displeasure with the allegations coming from the Washington Football team and I now have to ask why the NFL has not stepped in. The NFL stepped in and forced former Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson to sell the franchise after he used “strong sexual language” towards female employees.

The message the NFL is sending to owners is it is not “ok” for you to verbally harass women but more than “OK” to make a video of them partially naked or allow your employees to run a roman bathhouse where “sexting” is not frowned upon unless caught.

The time has come for the NFL to force one of its own to relinquish the title of owner and force Dan Snyder to sell the team. The product on the field has been a severe disappointment while the front office looks to be in a bigger chaotic state.

Dan Snyder is a toxic leader. It is time the NFL did something about it.


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