With the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Finals underway, let’s talk about the NHL’s HOTTEST Ice Girls! Going to a live NHL game can be a lot of fun, but these HOT Ice Girls will make it even more action-packed!

Dallas Stars – Ice Girls

Whether it’s watching your favorite NHL team win or watching the entertainment of the Zamboni, the NHL’s Ice Girls will always make you hurry to get that intermission beer or hot dog. The idea that the NHL had to have team’s use Ice Girls, was great for the fans, the brand, and for overall team marketing.

Colorado Avalanche – Ice Girls

NHL teams’ fans have enjoyed their Ice Girls and some team’s even have their own social media pages, so that can promote their beautiful Ice Girls. Going to an NHL game is a lot of fun, even more so with seeing your team’s Ice Girls having fun, too. There is even a Facebook Page devoted to the NHL Ice Girls. You should check it out for more pictues!

Anaheim Ducks – Ice Girls

Next time you go to an NHL game, be sure to stay in your seat to watch your team’s Ice Girls! Who’s team’s Ice Girls are your favorite?

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