The NFL Trade Deadline Was A Gigantic Letdown

Written by Robert McCarver

The king of professional sports in the United States can still learn a thing or two from the other major sports leagues in the country.

The NFL has everything down to an exact science almost but yet their trade deadline is the one event that they can’t get right. With all the rumors swirling around the most action we got today was Melvin Ingram going from the Steelers to the Chiefs. We did get the blockbuster yesterday when the Rams acquired Von Miller from the Broncos but for all of the names that were floating around for weeks, the NFL trade deadline was like a wet fart in church. So why does the NFL trade deadline always fall flat every year?

The biggest reason is the cap number the league has so it’s tougher for teams to maneuver trades during the season because of cap implications. That’s why the Von Miller move was a shocker because the Rams didn’t have the cap space to make it work but the Broncos ended up paying almost all of the remaining cap number this season on Miller’s deal. The 2nd reason is there’s a large part of GM’s that are too hesitant to give up decent assets for an in-season trade so they just stay the course.

So can the league fix this? Absolutely and I believe one idea that should be floated around is an in-season trade cap, where teams have a certain amount of extra cap space to facilitate trades during the season. Now the pushback is going to be from people who will complain about the good to great teams getting better and the bottom feeders getting worse but isn’t that what you should want if you’re a fan of a bottom team? Let’s say I was a Bears fan this year, I would much rather trade-off some older assets to get draft capital than just hold onto them, and having a trade cap number could allow more contending teams to be buyers at the deadline.

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