The NFL Teams Redesigned as Quarantine Logos, Ranked

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Around noon yesterday, on my 6th hour scrolling through Twitter I stumbled upon this post. All the NFL teams redesigned as quarantine logos. All credit to @DrawPlayDave for this creative work. Give a follow. Anyway, there’s some hilarious renditions in here. Take a look.

Here’s all the logos ranked from bottom to top

The Bottom:

New York Jets
Dallas Cowboys (?)
LA Chargers
Atlanta Falcons
Pittsburgh Steelers
This one actually made me laugh with all the stars spread out.
Washington Redskins
Green Bay Packers
San Francisco 49ers
Buffalo Bills
Oakland Raiders

The Average:

Carolina Panthers
Kansas City Chiefs
New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles (more like the Philadelphia Sneezegles)
Jacksonville Jaguars
Denver Broncos
Tennessee Titans

The Good:

Houston Texans

The Texans mask made me laugh. Something about the mask dynamic works with a team that routinely gets sick and pukes all over itself in the post season every year. Maybe they should look in to wearing these in real life.

Cleveland Browns

Another mask. The 2nd of 3 in this grouping. The goggles made me chuckle and I wouldn’t rule out OBJ from wearing them during pregame.

Chicago Bears

The only surgical mask wearing mascot I allowed in the good category. That is a very sick, very confused bear. I’ve seen that look in my roommates eye back in college the morning after he drank too much and realized he might not make it to the bathroom in a timely manner.

Seattle Seahawks

I imagine this was the face of every Seahawks fan when Pete Carrol chose to throw on the one yard line in the Super Bowl. Sad eyes, frowny face and chills.

Minnesota Vikings

Nothing like a hazmat suit for a franchise allergic to success.

We’ve made it to the top 10. This may be the only time in recent history and maybe in the future these teams will be in the top 10 of anything so buckle up.


Detroit Lions

Wash your God Damn hands people. Not for 5 seconds, not for 19 seconds, for a full 20 seconds. You can either sing happy birthday twice or think of Matthew Stafford in the pocket trying to get rid of the ball, either way that’s enough time. (A lesser man would make a joke about your hands getting dirtier washing your hands in that region. I won’t, but a lesser man might)


New York Giants

As a Patriots fan, this hurts. But I can only hope that, much like the two little runs this franchise made, the Covid-19 pandemic reaches it’s peak and has a steep downfall.


LA Rams

I’m really just trying to get the attention of the Rams franchise here. This is the best logo to come out of there since St. Louis. I mean that new LA/horn/charger logo that leaked the other day is just pathetic.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Looks like Tom and Giselle didn’t take my advice from the Lions a few logos ago. Pity. A senseless ending to an otherwise storied career.


Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck used to be rumored to walk in bubble wrap to try and avoid injury. This is him now.


Cincinnati Bengals

I LOVE this guy. Check out those eyes! 👀👀👀👀. That’s basically gonna be Joe Burrow next season realizing he ain’t in Kansas anymore.


Arizona Cardinals

That poor guy in there is petrified. He’s all locked up, practicing his social distancing, but he can’t believe the Johnson’s across the street continue to have 5-10 friends over.


New Orleans Saints

I don’t have anything particularly witty to say here. That’s a badass logo.


Miami Dolphins

Hell ya brother. That’s the stuff I’m looking for in a quarenteam. Kills 99.9 percent of germs, or in this case Patriots hopes and dreams. Thanks Fitzpatrick.


Baltimore Ravens

Excellent. Just great work all around. The Plague Doctor was actually a great representation of the Ravens season until they ran in to perennial winner and bringer of good Ryan Tannehill.

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