The NFL Needs To Abolish The Taunting Penalty Immediately

The taunting rule has been around forever but there was an NFL memo before the season to put an emphasis on calling the penalty and it blows. Fans love to see personalities come to light on the field. Cam Newton with the superman, Aaron Rodgers with the discount double-check, defensive players celebrating a sack or a big play are slowly going to come to an end with this crackdown.

Like, really? This is what we’re doing now NFL? Pnelaising a player looking down at someone and screaming. Have we become that soft?

The NFL is being very risky and is slowly heading toward MLB territory with the celebrations. MLB has struggled to attract a young fan base because players can’t show their personalities. Just in the last couple of years, there has been a real movement with the “Let the Kids play” campaign and MLB is slowly digging out of their self-imposed grave.

Let the players have fun again players. Players put their bodies through hell for our entertainment and they deserve to show off a little bit.

Just wait until it ends up costing a team a spot in the playoffs or a playoff game, that is going to be a giant mess they’re going to have to “fix” like the no PI penalty a few years back with the Rams vs Saints game. Abolish it immediately or good luck NFL.

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Robert McCarver