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The NFL Just Handed Out a Massive Fine to the Patriots for Filming From the Same Vantage Point as 30,000 Fans

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The NFL really fined that Pats over a million dollars, a 3rd round pick, and took their cameras away, for this film….

If any of you figured out what play Andy Dalton was about to screw up from that footage please contact Bill Belichick immediately.

I mean what the hell are we doing here? Should the Patriots stop fucking around with the filming of the sidelines thing given their track record? Yes, obviously. But you can’t possibly tell me that video somehow gives them an advantage. Anyone in the upper deck that day had the same view caught on that camera. They’re not even facing the Bengals bench for God’s sake! But somehow that’s worth a 7 figure fine and a mid round draft pick.

Goodell gonna Goodell I guess. That spineless coward will go to hell and back to protect domestic abusers, will barely fine teams for openly tampering like the Jets did with Revis back in 2015, refuses to have dinner with Dave Portnoy, but he’ll be damned if the Patriots film the sideline in the “you can’t film here” zone. Absurd.

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