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The NFL Is Sucking Baker Mayfield’s Dick; Not Letting Fate Determine Who Makes The Playoffs

Written by Chris Powers

Play it as it lies. The NFL needs to take a lesson from Happy Gilmore and Shooter McGavin.

The NFL already announced two days ago that they had no intention of postponing or reschedule games regardless of COVID-19 outbreaks. Yet here we are one day prior to the Cleveland Browns playing the Las Vegas Raiders, and this tweet goes viral.

There are serious playoff implications, and teams like the Bengals, Steelers and Ravens should not be penalized because the Cleveland Browns have been irresponsible.

Also, I have a bet that I can’t lose with a douchebag Browns fan. I bet that the Browns would not make the playoffs. The loser has to take the other out to a fairly expensive dinner. When I first heard Baker was out this week, I was very excited because a win for the Raiders over the Browns is likely with Mayfield out. But with Baker being able to play considerably hurts my chances of winning this bet.

Fuck Roger Goodell. Fuck Baker Mayfield. Fuck the Cleveland Browns.

And fuck you too Mike.

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