Somebody take Scheftys phone from him I think he’s the fucking jinx, we aren’t even an hour into the first set of games and we have 3 starting quarterbacks already injured. I mean you just hate seeing this kind of shit, we have a young guy in Tua hurt, Baker Mayfield’s promising ass is down and Andy Dalton is too. Absolutely all of that is fucked but I’m going to say this is a positive for Justin Fields but I mean pray for AD1 but now is time for Justin to shine. Now we do know right now that Tua is out with a rib injury but we don’t know about either Quarterbacks yet.

Well this is good to hear, as I’m typing that we don’t know about Baker or AD1’s injuries we get the tweet that they are both back in the game. Thank goodness I mean I wanted to see fields thrive but we don’t wanna see somebody get hurt for that. I haven’t been able to check out the games because I’m watching the dreadful fucking Colts but today seems just like a bad day for football. Hopefully I don’t have to make another injury blog.


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