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The New York Jets have finally won a football game!

Written by Angel

The New York Jets have avoided becoming a trivia question by traveling to Los Angeles and beating the Los Angeles Rams for their first win since December 29th of last year.

By doing so, the Jets have also dropped to the second spot int he 2021 NFL Draft. The Jacksonville Jaguars now currently hold the top pick and there is nothing in their immediate future that suggests that they will give the pick back.

Now the Jets can simply pick the best player and continue their rebuild instead of being tied to Trevor Lawrence. They could also trade back and pick up extra assets as their entire team is in need of play makers.

There is a trio of wide receivers that would immediately help quarterback Sam Darnold but that decision likely rests with the new coaching staff. No, the Jets have not fired Adam Gase but it is widely believed that he will be let go after the season.

After coming up short against the Las Vegas Raiders, the team has now secured their first win by beating a stout Rams team in their own house. That task is easier said than done so I give the team credit.

Congratulations Jets fans and welcome to the 2020 win column.

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