The New Orleans Saints Won Last Night For Jameis Winston #EatAW #WHODAT

Written by austenlange

Last night the New Orleans Saints went out and played bully ball against the defending Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It seemed as though the Saints were playing for something a little bigger than bragging rights, they were playing INSPIRED. And that inspiration came from their injured leader Jameis Winston.

AS many know the Bucc’s didn’t resign Winston two seasons ago because of their plans for Tom Brady, and while it worked with them having a Super Bowl, it’s nice to see Winston win this little battle. The Saints are 2-0 against his former employers this season and seem to really have rallied around him and made this matchup that much more meaningful for them.

Obviously the Bucc’s are one of the favorites to win this years Super Bowl, but it’s always good to celebrate the little victories in a long NFL season.

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