The Nets are gonna destroy the Lakers on Christmas

Written by Noah Gagnon

The NBA just dropped this years Christmas day schedule, and I’m bricked for the Nets matchup. They’re playing the Lakers at primetime, and they’re gonna absolutely murder them. Not even gonna be close.

If both team’s big 3’s play, this game is gonna be a complete beat down. Shout out LeBron on a good career, but he’s done, and has literally no chance to guard Kevin Durant. Kyrie and Harden are gonna be able to score at will against Westbrick, and defensively we won’t even have to worry about the guy. And, honestly, don’t sleep on Blake Griffin’s ability to completely lock up AD.

With all this being said, the betting line for this one is completely absurd. THE NETS ARE UNDERDOGS!!! Are you kidding me? That’s literally free money. Assuming the big 3 stays healthy and plays, there’s just no chance that the Lakers do anything to stop them. KD might score 100. Lock in Nets moneyline now, because I think they win this game by about 100.

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