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The NBA should hire Julia Rose and ShagMag for All Star Weekend | @JuliaRose_33 @shagmag_

Written by TrevStone

Everyone who watches NBA All Star weekend knows that it’s an entertainment event, from The Rising Stars challenge, The Dunk contest to the music and cheerleaders the event is for entertainment.

I’ve got an idea! Nothing is more entertaining than the ShagMag girls, why not open the court up for them? For those confused on who the ShagMag girls are click here they’re basically the modern day playboy.

Julia Rose and Lauren Summers went viral for flashing the cameras during the World Series, but little did people know while doing it they raised over $30,000 for breast cancer awareness. Kayla Lauren was also with them:

The MLB banned the group from ALL MLB events… Which is wrong, what they did should be celebrated. If it isn’t the Super Bowl halftime show which was my first recommendation then it should be at the the NBA All Star game:

Think about all the money they’d raise. Think about the boobies. Think about the awareness. Maybe have an 18+ event during All Star weekend, allow people to purchase the stream online have the famous Instagram models run around and do what they do best…. Look haaaawtt!

This year All Star weekend is February 14-16th – NBA make it happen. Invite them, get them courtside seats! Get the ShagMag girls involved.

The NBA shows off the best cheerleaders during the weekend… let’s just add in another section and raise money for breast cancer by showing off…. breasts!

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