The NBA Needs to Shut Down Right Now for at Least Two Weeks

Written by Graciemarx

The COVID situation in the NBA is getting out of control. At this point, Roger Goodell looks smarter than Adam Silver. Roger Goodell is about to complete the full NFL COVID, yes with some postponements, but he’s going to complete it. I hate Rodger but at least he was able to deal with the COVID situation. I praised Adam Silver A LOT during the bubble and thought his creation of the bubble was genius. Well, I’m slowly starting to take all that praise back. The NBA has been an utter mess since really the beginning of the season. Silver needs to get it together soon, or his accomplishment of the bubble will quickly fade.

The Washington Wizards have had six games postponed because of COVID. It feels like every single day at least two games are postponed and at least a handful of players are placed on the health and safety list. The NBA needs just to call it quits for at least two weeks. It would let all the players go into a mandatory quarantine for 2 weeks, and then they could start fresh again. This would allow teams to have full rosters and not have to worry about the health and safety protocols.

Tonight, the Spurs and Pelicans game was postponed because NEITHER team had the required eight players. The key word there is NEITHER. If two teams can’t have the required players to have a game, just postpone the entire league.

I mean c’mon Adam Silver, just do the right thing and postpone this shit for two weeks. No one wants to watch two G-league teams play each other because star players are out for health and safety. Also, the NBA has also gotta do a bubble for the playoffs. Teams can’t be traveling every other day to different cities. Imagine if your star player was out for an elimination game or a game 7 because of health and safety protocols? The bubble is the only option for the NBA playoffs.

I hope Silver gets it together fast. This looks like a sinking ship that is going down very very fast.

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