The NBA is the worst league in the history of sports

Written by Noah Gagnon

This could be the most Kareny blog I’ve ever written, but this needs to be said. THE NBA IS GARBAGE. I’m going through my bank statements the other day to see how many days I have left until I’m homeless on the street, and I see a whopping $250 charge from the National Basketball Association. Mind you, I’m a broke college student, so $250 is enough for a semester’s worth of ramen noodles, protein powder, and bookie payments, basically the ‘Big 3’ of expenses for any college student. Instead, it’s going to an NBA League Pass subscription that I didn’t even want. I could watch the Sacramento Kings duke it out with the Grizzlies, or I could have dinner for the next 6 weeks. Tough choice.

What had happened was: I see this charge on the statement, I call NBA customer service just to recieve an automated message saying “thank you for calling NBA Customer Service, goodbye! *click*” Then, I just go online and cancel this shitty service, only to find out I’m not getting a refund because it’s against policy. Great, thanks guys. Multi-billion dollar TV deals, but they can’t kick the kid $250 beans even when I asked nicely. And, to top it all off, I don’t even get to use the subscription that I paid for! That charge was for a seasons worth of league pass, but these assholes are just killing my access today. So not only do I not get my money back, I don’t get to use the service either. I hope Adam Silver is stuck in standstill traffic right now and has to miss an important family dinner. He deserves it after this atrocity.

Not that I was eager to use my NBA league pass anyways, I’d rather watch a VHS of my own conception than any of the garbage the NBA considers to be regular season basketball. But hey, if I’m paying for it at least let me watch and maybe try to throw a few live bets on some ball, you know? BUT, if by any chance you’re reading this and your name is Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden, or you happen to play professional basketball for the Brooklyn Nets just know that none of this applies to you and I love you passionately.

Honestly, I talked a lot of shit, but this is probably my fault. They probably sent me some sort of warning that I just ignored, but still, a refund would be nice. Go Nets!

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