The NBA Is More Fun When Steph Curry Is Playing

Written by schultzyca

The NBA very simply is an entertainment industry and there is no one more fun to watch than Steph Curry. His impact on the game has inspired generations and he is so fun to watch. The three point shot has been transformed forever thanks to Steph Curry. He really has transcended the game pretty much on his own. The Warriors dynasty and Steph Curry have had the biggest impact on the game of basketball in the last decade. The NBA was boring last year without Steph Curry not playing a full year with the Warriors.

He is just fun, swagger, style of play, everything that is what makes Curry a generational talent. Easily one of the most entertaining players of this generation and arguably one of the best shooters this game has ever seen. He is such a great scorer and his ability to do so is what makes him so fun to watch the game comes so easy to him and that is what makes Steph, Steph.

I will never agree with kids shouting ‘Curry’ when they shot something in a trashcan instead of ‘Kobe’ but that is the impact he has had on this game. Notice how no one is yelling ‘LeBron’ when they shot something in the trash. There is just an appeal and marketability that not many players have. Maybe the NBA layout is more fun with Curry because it creates a villain in the Warriors where they are like the ‘Evil Empire’ and people want them to lose but the funny part of that is no one roots against Curry he just have something about him.

Steph Curry healthy is such a good thing for the league because even with the absence of Klay Thompson he can still elevate this Warriors roster where they can challenge the top dogs in the West again. They definitely have an interesting roster this year with Oubre, Wiseman, and others I would expect them to be inside of the top five of best teams in the Western Conference this year. The Warriors will be exciting this year and it will be due in large part to Steph Curry coming back from injury. Are the Warriors back? We will have to wait and see what they have up their sleeves this year.

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