The Must Add Fantasy Football Player This Week

Written by Durr

It’s crunch time people! Waivers become essential each week to help launch your team into the playoffs.

To me, there’s one crucial add this week and the player can become a great FLEX play for the rest of the year.

Although Texas is in fact not back, former Alum, D’onta Foreman, is the play this week on the waiver wire. He has emerged not only as the best back on early downs, but in the passing downs as well.

The key thing here is the passing game. He is the only running back of the three the Titans are using that is getting looks at both the pass and the run.

Yes, Adrian Peterson did start on the field, but look who ended up getting more carries. That was Mr. Foreman. He is the younger, more durable option at this point. Don’t fall into the name trap with Adrian Peterson.

Jeremy Mcnichols is irrelevant at this point in the passing downs, so don’t even try to make a case for him. He was projected to do well, but in these past two weeks he should zero signs of emergence.

So people, if you do budget waivers, or you’re high up in the order. Make a claim for Mr. Foreman, or spend some of that “cash” on this guy. In a running back reliant offense. Foreman will find some success!

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