The Most Valuable NFL Sponsors

The NFL has signed many sponsorship deals with various companies. Some have lasted longer than others and seem to have made a valuable contribution towards the team’s success, others are just there with the hope that the limelight will increase their sales. 

However, there are NFL sponsors that have been with the league for a very long time and have a clearly positive impact on its success. Some even help run certain projects and competitions for fans. We’ll focus on these NFL sponsorship deals in this piece and what their contributions are.


AWS sponsors the NextGenStats Moment of the Year. The company uses its technology to process and analyze large sums of player data so that fans can experience gameplay from every angle. They’re the reason fans develop a deeper understanding of each NFL game and each player on the field. The same way that the best US online casinos have excellent game providers behind them, is the same way AWS contributes towards NFL’s success.

Captain Morgan

The NFL Fan of the Year contest is sponsored by Captain Morgan. This brand helps in celebrating fans that go out of their way to express the love they have for football, these are the fans who stand out from the crowd and their presence adds more fun to the game from off the field. 


Microsoft has been with the NFL for over 10 years. Besides assisting with the Offensive Player of the Year, Microsoft also assists the NFL with its technology services, including Team, Windows and Surface. This helps not only the NFL but clubs and individual players to get empowered into achieving more, even when they aren’t playing football!


Nationwide presents the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award, worth $250,000. This is an award that’s given to a player who’s determined for greatness on and off the field. With 32 nominees, one player with a great impact on their community receives this award. The rest are also awarded a $40,000 reward for their chosen charity.

Our verdict

It takes a lot to build a sports league. It’s not limited to organizing matches and having fans come to watch but also maintaining entertainment. To do this, the NFL works with sponsors like AWS, Captain Morgan, Microsoft and Nationwide. 

NFL’s relationship with these brands shows us that football and other sports’ sponsorships aren’t only about the team kits, there are bigger and more valuable projects, some happening in the background and others on the field, that sponsors assist with, which are important for the sport.

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