The Most Underrated Storyline in the NBA Finals… Kyle Kuzma Going up Against His Ex-Girlfriend’s New Boyfriend Tyler Herro. @raf_tyler

Written by schultzyca

The most underrated storyline of the 2020 NBA Finals has to be something that goes behind the hardwood. Kyle Kuzma is going up against his ex-girlfriend Katya Henry new boyfriend…who is that you’d ask? Miami Heat’s Tyler Herro.

Now let me start by saying I have love for both Kuz and Herro but I think Kuz is about to go off this series and I’m here for it! This is a funny storyline that just adds to the great things that can possibly happen this series. Twitter and the rest of the Internet can’t believe that Tyler has pulled this women and I don’t know if I really believe it either but thats not here nor there. To make this series more interesting who ever wins either the Heat or the Lakers should also win the woman. Now that would make this finals MUST WATCH television!

I am very excited to watch this series because I can only imagine the unfiltered trash talk and cussing we would hear between the two if the NBA did not censor the content. Screw you Adam Silver, screw you. I can honestly say I would pay to hear these two trash talk one another. It is going to be interesting to say the least. Kuzma is going into Marvins Room mode if he loses this series and gets owned by Tyler Herro he won’t hear the end of it! I am looking to this series more than ever now and I think I will be a little more invested now! Should be fun!

If you were curious into what Tyler’s girlfriend looks like you are in for a treat:

With all due respect GEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ no wonder why he has been going off in the bubble I can’t blame him! We will see who ultimately wins her love in the Finals! Strap in!

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