The Most Delicious Outcome of Today’s Conference Championship Games

Written by tRy25

We have an excellent slate of games today leading up to the 2020 NFL Super Bowl. In the NFC we’re looking at the faces of the NFL the last decade, Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers. In the AFC we have a matchup of the new faces of the league, Patrick Mahomes vs. Josh Allen. Regardless of who wins today we’re going to have one hell of a super bowl to close out the 2020 NFL season.

That being said, there’s only one Super Bowl matchup that will make me smile ear to ear like the Grinch that stole Christmas. I’m looking for two outcomes that are going to drive the general public and everyone at the 4 letter network crazy.

If you’ve ever watched ESPN you know that everyone there drools over Aaron Rodgers like he’s the messiah. Despite only having one ring and plenty of disappointing playoff exits, he’s regarded as one of the best QB’s to ever step on the field. Today, Tom Brady has the opportunity, at the age of 43, to march into Lambeau Field and slap the Packers around on their own turf en route to his 10th Super Bowl appearance. Oh how tasty it would be seeing every Brady hater squirm at the sight of their golden boy lose, at home, to the true GOAT.

I’m rooting for an upset in Kansas City today. Another golden child of ESPN, Patrick Mahomes, is somehow playing today despite looking closer to Bambi last week than the reigning Super Bowl MVP. The Buffalo Bills are long overdue for a Super Bowl appearance. After suffering for decades in the AFC East, being beaten down year after year, cycling through coaches and quarterbacks and failed high draft picks. They finally catch a break with Tom Brady leaving New England. Josh Allen comes into his own, they have a fun defense and an electric offense. They’re primed to get back to the promised land after suffering for oh so long. The fans of Buffalo deserve to enjoy a trip to the Super Bowl this year.

However, the Bills simply making it to the big game isn’t what rotates my tires. Josh Allen out-dueling Mahomes isn’t what greases my wheels. Aaron Rodgers failing yet again to get to a Super Bowl, nevermind win one isn’t what fires my pistons. What really butters my muffin is Buffalo punching their ticket to the Super Bowl only to see their daddy waiting for them on the other sideline.

Imagine going 30 years since your last Super Bowl appearance, in which you made history by losing your 4th in 4 years, FINALLY getting back there, and the man who tormented you twice a year for 20 years is their to great you at the door of his home stadium? You’ve finally put it all together. You got the head coach to fix your culture. You got the quarterback who can actually read defenses and pass the ball effectively. You didn’t have to worry about the big bad Patriots. And yet, there he stands. The only thing between you and a Super Bowl victory is the man with a 32-3 record against you.

Oh Lordy do I need this matchup. I pray on my hands and knees for a Bucs/Bills Super Bowl. It would be the perfect way to cap off what has otherwise been a terrible year for everyone.

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