The Mandalorian Is Proving Itself To Be BETTER Than The Star Wars Movies

Written by mrbillylocks

This week’s episode of The Mandalorian was nothing short of amazing. What was the shortest episode of the series so far did not disappoint, like many thought it might.


The episode began with a very wholesome moment between Mando and Grogu, but quickly turned as the title credit came in: “Chapter 14: The Tragedy

This is exactly when we knew this episode wasn’t going to be just filler. By the end of the episode, Mando had lost Grogu AND the Razor Crest (and maybe his jetpack? Where is that thing??).

Although Grogu getting taken is NOT what us viewers wanted to see, we got to see the return of Boba Fett, a beloved character among Star Wars. We got to see Boba in more action in this 30 minute episode than we saw in all of the Star Wars movies.

He even gave a nod to his father, Jango.

Quickly after Boba’s return to screen, a fleet of stormtroopers come to Tython attempting to take Grogu away from the seeing stone that he was directed by Ashoka to sit on and call to the Jedi.

Boba has a BADASS fight scene with the stormtroopers, crushing their armor, stuffing blasters in their stomachs, and even shooting them with knee rockets. It was an all time scene that fans have been waiting decades to see.

In the midst of the fight, Moff Gideon’s ship is hovering above. It shoots a blast that absolutely demolishes the Razor Crest. He then sends out Dark Troopers (which look amazing) to swoop up Grogu and bring him back to the ship.

Grogu, trapped under Moff’s control, is locked in a room with storm troopers that he force chokes? (yikes) but is then put in handcuffs, which is the last we see of him.

Mando goes around recruiting a team for a eventual Avengers-like meetup to take on Moff and get Grogu back. Hopefully a Jedi will answer Grogu’s call and come to the rescue as well.

Mando for the rest of the season:

Nevertheless, although the episode was definitely tragic, it was extremely entertaining television. The last two episodes of the Mandalorian have been better than the entire sequel trilogy. Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau are doing a tremendous job at pleasing the fans but also making a kick ass show at the same time.

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