Disney/Lucas Films know exactly how this is gonna play out and its with DOLLARS! The story alone can go “ANYWHERE THE UNIVERSE” wants to go, in a TIME LONG AGO! This will be DISNEY’S GREATEST SON!
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Episode 1…

Years after the Empire has Fallen (after Return of the Jedi)
The Mandalorian.
Nameless Bounty hunter WHO IS NOT BOBA FETT walks into a bar… Quietly, he walks up to the bar counter only to be harassed by a couple of thugs who happen to be already harassing a “Blue Man” called the RUCKUS. A fight ensues, he kicks the SHIT out of all these dudes.There is not even a discussion involved only a severe ass beating to these thugs, especially when the Mandalorian chops this dude in half by shooting at the door… SICK! YES, PEOPLE DIE IN THIS SHOW! GO DISNEY!!!

After dealing with the thugs, he walks over to the Blue Man to deliver the FIRST HARDCORE LINE OF THE SHOW,
“I can bring you in warm, or i can bring you in cold,” (CHILLS)
Upon saying this, he pulls out the Bounty Puck and displays the RUCKUS’s face…

Getting Transportation to his ship, he is told by the driver that they should hurry, a creature lives within the ice. It hasn’t been seen yet, but “he” has a deep suspicion.

This worm appears and its FUCKING MASSIVE! Chomping at the bits trying to eat the ship, the Mandalorian, who is COOL LIKE THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PILLOW just grabs this electric stick and JABS this GIANT WORM who so happens to be pulling the ship while its taking off in the neck and sends it on its way.
The show, is very slow, but detailed. Things are seen and not said at some instances in the episode. (SO WATCH IT!!)
While the Ruckus is secretly looking through the Mandalorian’s ship after telling him, “he has to pee”, we discover the CARBONATE SYSTEM is still a way of transporting people. So guess what, after seeing it… The blue man suffers the same fate HAN SOLO once went through… being a Popsicle.

After negotiating the bounty with Greef Karga (Carl Weathers), he is whispered that he has an unnamed client (Werner Herzog) and that he’s working within back channels among the bounty hunters’ guild. Taking the information, he elects to meet the client. First he must walk after the streets and back alleys to the rendezvous, for then, he is in a room with STORM TROOPERS…
A mini MEXICAN STANDOFF occurs for another SICK ASS LINE to form when he is told about being surrounded Four to One, “I LIKE THOSE ODDS!”

Dude is a fucking badass, after a cease of arms coming from a General wearing a Empire Uniform. The job is to be done without the normal traceable exchange of goods like a bounty puck. The Client doesn’t even have a description of the asset other than its age (50 years old) and last known location, along with a tracking fob. The payment is Beskar…

A rare metal and holy to the Mandalorian. We learn in a flash back the use of the Beskar and how they use it as ARMOR for the Mandalorian. And with his first payment, we see him take it to the guild and have them melt it down for a shoulder piece.

Arriving on a desert planet, the Mandalorian, befriends a Ugnaught named Kuiil (Nick Nolte). Who ” Has Spoken” and will teach him to ride a two-legged, uncooperative horse-lizard called a blurrg, a creature that the Mandalorian Ancestors once rode in the earliest of days in the galaxy.
Only after learning does he makes his way to a heavily guarded compound where his target awaits. Kuiil, a loner set in his ways who wants to help the Mandalorian not for money or because he believes he serves a righteous cause, but because he’s tired of all these damned bounty hunters showing up and getting killed.

Once he arrives at his targets location, the Mandalorian finds he’s not alone.

A droid bounty hunter named IG-11 voiced by Taika Waititi, is also there to aquire the target. But once being told by the Mandalorian they are on the same side and willing to split the bounty pay, they are met with heavy resistance. Once the bullets ring out and a shoot out begins, the droid seems far to ear to reach for the self-destruct button. Though the droids and Mandalorian are killing enemies with great ease, the joke continues to be the Self Destruct button appearing and reappearing to be pushed! IG-11 and the Mandalorian briefly make for a great team. It is only when they lay eyes on the 50-year-old target they’ve been charged with returning — or in IG-11’s case, killing — only one is shaken by the sight of “The Child” AKA BABY YODA!!! . IG-11 finds himself on the receiving end of the Mandalorian’s gun, and the Mandalorian discovers he may have limits after all.

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Also… Yoda died when he was like 900 years old. Also, there are Two Sexes of that species… Remember Yaddle? Yup. Female Yoda, she was also on the Jedi Council if you can’t recall.



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