The Los Angeles Lakers are officially “The WestBrick Show”

As of this writing on 12/27/2021, the LeBron James-Anthony Davis-Russell Westbrook led Los Angeles Lakers are 16-18 and in 7th place in the Western Conference!

Wait… what? This is not something I think many people saw coming with a three headed monster like that headed into the season. That sentence is something that I never envisioned I’d type out with just 5 days left in 2021 but yet here we are. To say that the Lakers have under performed is an understatement. Yes there have been COVID issues aplenty across all sports and injuries to key players but this is no excuse in this, the year 2021 and the lengths that this team has plummeted is breath taking at times and downright tough to watch for the most part.

From Showtime to WOAHtime, The Los Angeles “Showtime” Lakers, are now the Russell WestBRICK show and unfortunately the “show” does not come with a dinner. As pointed out by @moneyballpod (incredible that they got that handle) this is has become absolutely apparent even at this point, just 34 games into the season, with video evidence to boot.

So without further adieu, grab your popcorn and snacks, and welcome too…… “Los Angeles Lakers 2021-2022: The WestBrick Show”

Anyways, Cheers!

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