The Lions Are Officially Eliminated From The Playoffs

All the over positive Lions fans can stop counting the possibilities of getting into the playoffs. The Lions will officially miss the playoffs for the fourth straight season. This team’s playoff chances ended a while ago if we are being honest with ourselves. This defense is a dumpster fire and Matthew Stafford has to do everything just for the Lions to have a chance. I understand the defense has a lot of injuries, but so does every defense. This defense is pathetic. This Titans got the ball first and marched right down the field for a Derrick Henry score.

That drive was too easy for the Titans. But Matthew Stafford and the Lions offense marched right back down the field. This offense looks ten times better than it ever did with Matt Patricia as the coach. Even with a banged-up Stafford and no Kenny Golladay. The Lions should bring Darrell Bevell, not as head coach by any means, as offensive coordinator. I don’t want Bevell as the head coach but offensive coordinator without Patricia holding him back? Sign me up. Anyway, the Lions responded with a nice drive and Stafford found Jones for a touchdown.

Remember when I said the Titans first drive was too easy? The next drive was even easier. A one play drive against this trash defense.

The Lions couldn’t stop Derrick Henry, even if it meant each player could get a million dollars to sop Henry, this defense still couldn’t do that. Henry embarrassed this defense all day but especially on this play in the second quarter.

Good god, what a run. Rest in peace Alex Myres on that play. Poor dude just got called up from practice squad. The Titans would score right after that because once again, this defense can’t stop anyone.

The Lions once again responded with a good drive, Stafford found Hunter Bryant on a nice pass, and the Lions were set up nicely. But D’andre Swift tried to jump over the goal line and fumbled the ball. This fumble somehow worked out better for the Lions. Romeo Okwara sacked Ryan Tannehill and forced a safety. Okwara has been the only bright spot for this defense all season.

The Lions took advantage and this time Swift found his way in for a touchdown.

The Titans would add a field goal before the half and would lead 24-15. The second half wasn’t any better for the Lions. The Lions struck first in the second half, hitting a 53-yard field goal to cut the lead six. As always the defense gave up another score, and the Titans converted a two-point conversion. Going up 32-18. The game just kept getting uglier for the Lions after this. The defense gave up ANOTHER touchdown, I just feel like I’m repeating myself at this point.

That touchdown extended the lead to 39-18 and the Lions were practically out of it by this point. Stafford didn’t come back into the game after this, finishing the day 22 of 32 passing, 252 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 102.6 rating. Solid day considering the injuries and no Kenny Golladay. The LIons only found the end zone one more time, another Swift touchdown. Even in garbage time, this defense couldn’t stop anyone.

Absolutely pathetic. Derrick Henry tore this team-up all day. Henry finished with 147 yards on 24 carries and one touchdown. What surprised me was the play of Ryan Tannehill, finishing with 247 yards through the air and five total touchdowns. Ridiculous that a defense could let a QB do that, who isn’t named Patrick Mahomes. The Lions are now 5-9 on the season and will have their third straight losing season. Cue up “Hello Darkness My Old Friend.”

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