The Lakers Have Been Eliminated From The Playoffs

On behalf of the Phoenix Suns, I’d like to thank the Los Angeles Lakers for a cake walk to their franchise record in wins. The Suns set franchise history and ended the Lakers season for the second season in a row. LeBron has now missed the playoffs, won a Mickey Mouse ring, and missed the playoffs again, since joining the Lakers. Not my king. 

This is now my favorite tweet of all time.

For the rest of my life will never let LeBron forget about this season, and I can’t wait for the Bronsexuals to call this the Westbrook year. As bad as Russ played this year,  that doesn’t make up for how his big scoring numbers didn’t translate to wins. I hope Lebron has fun watching the Finals and tweeting from some five star resort as I do the same from my couch in the suburbs. I’m a hall of fame hater.

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