Pro wrestlers Roy Bevis and Saraya Knight gave statements today against the claims of Charlie Morgan reported yesterday

Bevis is the son of Ricky Knight and the step son of Saraya Knight. He released a Facebook message denying the stories. He labeled Morgan as someone who was promiscuous under the influence of alcohol. He admitted that he and Saraya Knight can be stiff in matches, but said there was no abuse. He said all of the accusations have made Saraya sick and they will be contacting a lawyer. He repeatedly said he wants people to share the video to get their side of the story out there. (Caution: some language is NSFW).

Saraya Knight wrote a statement on her social media. She addressed a story which said she forced a kiss on a then 10 year old male fan at a show twenty years ago. (A person in the U.K. wrestling scene, who discussed this story with me this morning, said they believe her because a parent or a building staff member would have put a stop to it immediately and called the police). Knight says she was still talking with Morgan until April, but she admitted that she and Ayesha Raymond never got along. She said she’s stepping away immediately because she can no longer “stomach” pro wrestling. She said she made more money as a trainer than she did as a wrestler. She will be deleting her social media and contacting a lawyer and welcomes any police investigation.