The Knicks Run New York

Written by schultzyca

The Knicks are up 61-60 at halftime against the Brooklyn Nets in the poverty center I mean Barclays Center.

It is honestly sad the whole arena is pretty much Knicks fans but that is not unexpected because 99.9% of Brooklyn are Knicks fan anyways.

Julius Randle is getting M-V-P chants and fat James Harden is getting boo’ed at home. The Knicks could lose by thirty all die, and the Knicks would still run New York. The Nets are the Knicks ugly step brother.

I don’t give a rats ass about Hardens 28 points he made ten free throws. The Knicks offense looks so much better with Alec Burks running the point and it only has been two games since Kemba Walker has been taken out of the rotation.

It sucks that RJ Barrett is out for the rest of the game because he is sick but Thibs will just need to play more of IQ and Quentin Grimes which is fine with me, let the young guns play.

The Knicks run New York plan and simple. Julius Randle is the king of the city and you just have to deal with it.

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