The Jets Hit a New All-Time Low With The Release Of Le’Veon Bell @LeVeonBell

Written by schultzyca

LeVeon Bell really left the team before Adam Gase. Just when you think things can’t get any worse the New York Jets release Le’Veon Bell. When the Jets acquired Bell through free agency they were getting a Hall of Fame Player in the prime of his career but Adam Gase and the Jets absolutely misused and ruined him. How is that possibly you may ask? Adam Gase is a moron and incompetent when you leave Gase’s system you transform into a new and improved player; ask Ryan Tannehill how leaving has worked for him…pretty good I would say right? I can’t take it just when you think the Jets can’t go lower they do. There is nothing, absolutely nothing positive about this team right now they suck, the coaching is terrible, the ownership and front office is down right nonexistent. When do things get better? When will the Jets no longer need Adam Gase’s services because I am pretty sure a high school coach at one of these elite schools would be far more creative and better suited for the position of the Head Football Coach of the New York Jets. Since Gases arrival he has without exaggerating ruined everything he has touched; Sam Darnold has regressed in the two seasons since Gase has been here, Jamal Adams packed his bags, CJ Mosely doesn’t want to play for him, and now Bell. I just don’t get it doesn’t seem like that much of a tough decision to cut the ties with Gase. His claim to fame is that he worked with Peyton Manning give me a break, when Gase gets fired and it is a matter of time he will never get a head coaching position in the NFL again good luck trying to even get a high school coaching gig because I am pretty sure no one will want you there either, bum. I hate Adam Gase I really do.

I understand this is sports and in the grand scheme of things this does not have major impact on life in general. I totally get that but this is very frustrating that one man can be this detrimental to a team and still keep his job. I can’t stand Adam Gase and right now it is so hard to say I am Jet fan its hard to say in general even if Gase wasn’t the head coach but its even harder currently. When will the suffering end? I am sorry Le’Veon this couldn’t work out, I really am you have been nothing but a role model and positive leader on this team. I am sorry the offensive guru that is Adam Gase didn’t use you properly, I appreciate you Juice go kill it wherever you go! Kill it!

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