The Internet Needs To Apologize For Making Salt Bae Famous

I have a love/hate relationship with the Internet and some of the hate steams from making that asshole ‘Salt Bae’ famous what an out of touch douchebag that asshole is. I just want to punch him, shoving meat down peoples throat and just being a huge jerk off.

Just go back there in the kitchen and make me subpar steak you ass-wipe and lets get on with our lives. This article by ‘The Times’ is so ridiculous it just shows how much of a dickhead this guy is, we only have ourselves to blame for making this sprinkling salt jerk off famous, seriously.

No one wants to grow up and be a butcher, absolutely no one. I would also bet my life that no kid wants to grow up and be Salt Bae, this article really shows how much of a narcissist this jerk off is.

I will admit that I played into Salt Bae early on but I am a man of admitting my mistakes, this guy sucks and we as the Internet should admit that as well.

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