As the great Jim Ross used the say, business has picked up.

Not just any business. The Hurt Business on WWE Raw has been making waves for months now and is about to take over the entire red brand. Slowly but surely, they have been building a resume and taking no prisoners. Who am I talking about exactly? Let’s start with the founding member.

MVP – His return to WWE back in January was supposed to be a fun one off. A quick appearance in the Royal Rumble and match against Rey Mysterio was all the deal called for. He obviously was dumped over the top rope by Brock Lesnar during the Rumble match and then lost to Mr. 619 clean. That was it. He even posted a nice, emotional message on social media the next day about retiring. His final match in WWE, as he called it. Apparently, a producer’s role behind the scenes was the real reason for coming back. It was just a ‘tryout’ type of thing, and the two in-ring showings were simply done as a cool favor. Well, fast forward a few weeks. Suddenly, the dude is in there with the top guys on RAW and actually getting involved. Oops! So much for the backstage job, huh? WWE found out real quick big things were still popping with MVP, and small things were stopping. Even at age 46, he could still contribute and do so at a high level. With a weakened roster due to the pandemic, he was there to ‘pitch hit’ and hit home run after home run after home run. Now he is back full-time with a brand spanking new contract. All he needed now was backup.

Bobby Lashley – Enter The Destroyer. Current United States Champion (again). Lashley was DONE dealing with Lana’s nonsense and more than ready to get back to his winning ways. He needed some guidance. He needed a friend. He needed a man to do his bidding for him outside the ring, while he took care of business inside the ring. Having worked together before, it was a natural fit. MVP and Lashley, together again. Better than ever. It didn’t take long for the WWE Universe to catch on that these two meant business…hence the name: Hurt Business. Two was not enough though. As MVP repeatedly stated, they were always recruiting for more members. Always having their eye out on talent to be showcased. Young and fresh as well as seasoned and experienced…

Shelton Benjamin – I don’t know who thought Shelton Benjamin would be perfect for The Hurt Business, but whoever did nailed it. Shelton Benjamin, the long-time professional wrestler who has honed his craft all over the world. Best known for his run in WWE though from late 2002-mid 2010. He may have never been World Champion. However, his resume reads a mile long. IC Champion, United States Champion, tag team specialist and multi-time tag team title holder with Charlie Haas appropriately known as the World Greatest Tag Team, Money in the Bank veteran competitor, been at multiple WrestleMania events, etc. When he dubbed himself the Gold Standard, he wasn’t lying. All about the Benjamins was not just a fancy catchphrase, it was true. There was no stopping in during his initial run, and there ain’t no stopping him now! Already tasting gold with the 24/7 Title, who knows what else he can accomplish? Excellent choice for The Hurt Business to get in there and flat out wrestle. The past and present of WWE are represented, so why not add a future star as well?

Cedric Alexander – Shocker! After being courted by The Hurt Business for weeks now, Cedric Alexander finally accepted their offer this past Monday night. We all had suspicions of the double cross, but none of us expected it to be so violent. The attack on Apollo Crews and Ricochet was devastating. Those two never saw it coming. Luckily for The Hurt Business, it appears Cedric has chosen their side. As stated on Raw, why continue to get beat down every week when you can be the one giving the beat downs? Makes sense to me. I love the idea of Cedric getting a fresh start. Keep in mind this is a guy who impressed Triple H (and other WWE officials) so much that he was given an off-air standing ovation and contract offer immediately after his Crusierweight Classic showing. The world saw his talent then a few years ago, and now it is going to be The Hurt Business to finally pay off that skill. 

MVP loves to say that business is booming. It certainly is. Raw has seen a lot of changes in 2020, some good and some bad. However, these four men are definitely making the most of their opportunity. Come 2021, the stable may have to alter their name a bit if they continue to do such strong work for WWE and the company’s bottom line because The Hurt Business appear to be doing the opposite…helping business. 

By Justin Watry (@JustinWatry)