Hotties With A Body NFL

The Hottest Wives Of NFL Players!

Written by Chris Powers

Needless to say, if you’re playing in the NFL and have a fat money contract, odds are you have a gorgeous wife or a hot girlfriend by your side. In this article, we’ll look at a few in particular that deserve recognition. Be sure to swipe through all the photos so you don’t miss out.

Rachel Bush is the wife of Buffalo Bills’ free safety, Jordan Poyer. Obviously, Poyer is doing well on and off the field.

Marissa Van Noy, wife of New England Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy is an absolute smoke show. Kyle is indeed a very lucky man.

Katherine Webb is the wife of recently signed Atlanta Falcons quarterback, AJ McCarrom. Heck, if I was the GM of the Falcons I’d sign McCarron just knowing I’d get to look at Katherine on game days in the executive suite!

And we can’t forget Olivia Culpo, wife of Carolina Panthers running back, Christian McCaffrey. If Christian never played another down of football ever again he could live a very happy life just knowing he has Olivia by his side!

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