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The Hail Murray and Nick Chubb in the “Gambling Graveyard” – NFL Week 10 Picks Results

Written by mrbillylocks

My goodness, I start the NFL season off +18.9 units and as soon as I start writing for PSE, I have two losing weeks in a row.

3-7 this week, -4.19 units

Buccaneers -5.5

Too easy. After being embarrassed by the Saints, the Bucs DOMINATED the Panthers 46-23. 341 Yards and 3 TDs from Tom Brady, much better than his outing against the Saints.

Chargers +1.5

Alright, I’ll admit it, Tua is pretty good. I thought the Chargers might bounce back after some devastating losses, but the Dolphins look to be pretty legit.

Seahawks +2

I will not apologize for not laying points against Russell Wilson. Unfortunately, the Seahawks defense is just embarrassing, which seems to be translating to Wilson’s game as he had 3 turnovers this week.

Patriots +7.5

I did NOT expect the Patriots to win this game outright. It was just a hope at best that they’d cover. I figured after barely beating the Jets that Belichick would come out with a hot gameplan, but a win was surprising. Nevertheless, they covered.  

Steelers -6.5

Probably the easiest bet of my life. I WISH I would’ve put more units on this. I had NO DOUBT the Steelers were going to dominate the Bengals. After almost losing to the Cowboys last week, Mike Tomlin probably ran some intense practices this week. Ugh, I knew this would hit but only risked 1.3 units… STUPID. 36-10 win for the Steelers.

Packers/Jags over 48.5

Screwwww thiss. I made the right choice with this bet. A couple of bad penalties in the redzone, bad turnovers by the quarterbacks, and only missing the total by 5 points… SMH. There was plenty of opportunity to score in this game. The scoreboard doesn’t show it, but this game WAS a shootout like a predicted.

James Robinson 2 time scorer

Just a 0.5 unit play. But again, penalties hurt here. Robinson came away with no touchdowns, which looks bad. 23 carries with 109 yards though, this dude continues to eat.

Antonio Brown TD

Cmon Tom… 46 points scored and you couldn’t find your buddy in the endzone?? Trouble in paradise??  

Moneyline Parlay +547

  • Packers
  • Buccaneers
  • Browns
  • Seahawks
  • Saints

Ofcourse, the only underdog I include in the parlay is the one that loses. And I added Seahawks LAST MINUTE.

Touchdown Parlay +3237

  • Aaron Jones
  • Austin Hooper
  • Mike Williams 
  • Antonio Brown

I don’t wanna talk about it….. not ONE player in my TD Parlay scored a touchdown. Also, Austin Hooper is the sole reason I lost my fantasy matchup this week. How was I supposed to know there would be tornado like winds in Cleveland??

Thank God I didn’t bet the Bills vs. Cardinals because I was leaning Cardinals -2.5. I knew it’d be pretty close but couldn’t decide which one would come out. It truly was a coin flip with the Hail Murray at the end and the kneel instead of an extra point kick, with the Cardinals winning by 2.

Nick Chubb also hurt many Browns -3.5 backers, running out of bounds at the 1 yard line, up 3, with a minute left in the game. I didn’t bet this game, but I have Chubb on my fantasy team and lost a close one, so I was pretty pissed at him, too.

YTD NFL Results: 43-53, +13.63 units

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