The Guardians look to bounce-back with a 5-game series with the Twins, starting tomorrow. IT’S A MUST-WIN SERIES!


This weekend’s 3-game series with the Boston Red Sox definitely did not go as planned, for the young, talented Cleveland Guardians. The Guardians lost all three home-games to the Red Sox, but they weren’t all disappointing losses. With the A.L. Central leading Minnesota Twins coming to Cleveland, this 5-game series is a MUST-WIN!

The Guardians are only 1.5 games back from the Twins, so a 3, 4, or 5 win series, would really help the Guardians break apart and take the lead, atop of the A.L. Central. The Guardians are in-need of bouncing-back, from a devastating home-series loss to Boston. In my opinion, the Guardians were somewhat in-need of feeling some tough losses. We all know what this team is capable of doing, and how far they’ve already come this year.

Starting tomorrow, the Guardians will face their toughest series yet, so they will need to be sharp and ready to play, as they could come out of this series atop of the A.L. Central. If the Guardians are going to win this series, then all of the best players need to be in the lineup. Kwan should not be sitting in big games, and he also needs to be playing in left field. If the Guardians play all of their cards right, then the Guardians should be standing alone in the top spot of the A.L. Central, come Friday morning.

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