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The Green Bay Packers Need To Move On From Aaron Rodgers And Here Is Why…

The Green Bay Packers have been nothing but successful since I’ve been alive and I’m sick of it.

Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers. Ridiculous. And over the last two off-seasons we’ve all had to deal with “Is Green Bay going to move on from Rodgers?”

And guess what? It’s time.

I’m sick of seeing Aaron Rodgers in that ugly Green & Gold, honestly. They really need to move on from him.

I’m a diehard Lions fan and our coach wants us to be eating knee caps so… Rodgers better get out of the division before he gets his knee caps ate. Go somewhere warm. Do what Matthew Stafford did and say that it’s time to leave. Please? Just do it.

Go somewhere else Rodgers. The Packers franchise hasn’t build around you.

Isn’t it time for the Packers franchise to suck again?

Please. Please. Please. Trade. Release. Move on from Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay. Do it!

He is too good. Detroit probably still won’t win if Rodgers isn’t in the division. But our chances get a helluva lot better if Rodgers isn’t in those ugly uniforms.

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