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The Green Bay Packers Are Simps For Aaron Rodgers #Packers

Written by austenlange

It’s been no secret that the relationship between The Green Bay Packers Front Office, and Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been the best. This video shows Rodgers expressing his feelings towards the Packers, and even states if he doesn’t get what he wants he will not be apart of the team next season.

Obviously this is a sticky situation for the front office. Do they just bend the knee and make sure Aaron gets everything he wants, or do they stick to their guns and ignore his opinions like they have been doing for years. Rodgers complaining is kind of getting out of hand. The team has been reported to have extended a contract offer to the quarterback that would have made him the highest paid player in the NFL, but he declined. It seems as if money isn’t the determining factor but that he just wants to feel involved in the organization. It’s been reported that when Rodgers has reached out to the front office about keeping certain players and upcoming recruits he has seemed fit that they just loosely listen and then send him about his merry way, all while taking any action on what he’s wanted.

However, the team did listen to Rodgers. The team just traded back for their old slot reciever that Rodgers complained about not getting resigned with the team.

Its apparent that the team did not and probably does not want the aging veteran. Cobb doesn’t really help the team that much but it does give Rodgers back one of his favorite targets. Making it seem as though they are bending the knee as an organization.


It looks as if Randall Cobb made a push for Jordy Nelson to come out of retirement but he politely declined.

Hopefully Rodgers and The Packers don’t work things out and he is shipped out, but a boy can only dream.

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