The GOAT Michael Jordan Challenges Magic Johnson To 1 On 1 During Halftime Of All Star Game 😂

As if everybody didn’t already know, Michael Jordan is an absolute legend. MJ was at the Daytona 500 today because he owns a NASCAR team and flew to Cleveland immediately after to show up for the NBA Top 75 presentation at the All Star Game.

All the NBA’s greatest we’re celebrating their careers and catching up with old friends and bullshitting. MJ came and immediately wanted to lace em up at first sight of Magic Johnson. Jordan comes right at Magic asking him “ Where your shoes at, we can go 1 on 1 right now!”

The funniest part about this is- MJ was not playing around and looked dead fucking serious. You know Mike had a pair of shoes ready to lace em up and smoke Magic Johnson right then and there. That would’ve been a million times more entertaining than this All Star Game!

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